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MBA IQ®:  Maximize Opportunities at the Office or in the MBA Classroom

Master the MBA Lexiconwith the MBA IQ®Course

At the Office:
The MBA IQ can be used as a personal development tool in your current position and help you determine if you want to apply for an MBA.  Highlight your knowledge strengths on your resume and in the MBA application (see sample resume). You can use the MBA IQ to identify cross-functional learning opportunities and have proactive conversations with your manager about your development areas. Why is taking the MBA IQ so important for the Office?

  • The stronger your business knowledge and acumen, the better you’ll perform on the job. The better you perform, the more career security and options you’ll have.
  • Gaining knowledge is luckily under your control. You don’t need to wait for the right job, the right boss, or the right professional opportunity to begin investing in yourself. Knowledge is what will lead you to all of these career aspects.
  • Communicate better with colleagues throughout the organization since you will learn the language of business with the MBA IQ
  • Add you knowledge component to your resume with your MBA IQ scores. A resume indicates what you have done. The MBA IQ Scores indicate what you know about business. Include the MBA IQ Scores on your resume.

In the MBA Classroom:
The MBA IQ will prepare you for the MBA classroom.   First impressions take seconds to form - make a great one. You did a lot to prepare for admission. You invested a lot of time and energy into your job, grades, the GMAT, writing resumes, and securing great recommendations.  Make sure you don't show up on your first day unprepared.  Invest the time to succeed in the classroom. Why is taking The MBA IQ so important for the MBA classroom?

  • Business school is competitive - grades do matter  
  • Knowing the language of business is an important step in your career - master the MBA lexicon in order to accelerate your academic ramp-up time
  • Gain the confidence to compete in the classroom and the workplace - do not get left behind
  • Be able to jump into group work, social life, and career exploration by showing up with a foundation to build upon

Whether you are applying to business school, applying for a new job, preparing for your annual performance evaluation with your boss, you can use your MBA IQ Scores and MBA IQ Transcript to demonstrate and document your business knowledge. You can have your MBA IQ Knowledge Transcript sent to business schools and/or employers. Click here to access the MBA IQ Transcript Request Form. There is no additional charge for the MBA IQ Knowledge Transcript.

The MBA IQ will increase your fluency in the language of business and help you define your career path through:

  • 12 Learning Modules Covering All Areas of Business
  • 134 Reading Assignments and over 1,000 E-Flashcards
  • MBA IQ Daily Lessons
  • MBA IQ Workbook
  • Online Self-Assessments and Quizzes
  • MBA IQ Knowledge Transcript
  • Approximately 8 to 12 Hours of Online Effort

At the end of the course you’ll receive a certificate of completion and your own MBA IQ Knowledge Transcript, which can be used to communicate your knowledge on your resume, LinkedIn Profile or in interviews.

MBA IQ Scoring Guide:

MBA IQ Score > 75% =    Fluent
MBA IQ Score between 50% and 75% =    Strong Working Knowledge
MBA IQ Score between 25% and 50% =    Emerging Knowledge
MBA IQ Score below 25% =    Building Knowledge

You can indicate the level of your knowledge in each of the 12 MBA IQ Learning Modules:

General Management, Leadership, & Strategy


Operations Management

Information Technology

Corporate Control, Law, Ethics, & Governance

Marketing Management

Quality and Process Management

International Business

Human Resources Management

Project Management

Decision Sciences & Managerial Economics


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