Master the MBA Lexicon™


For Companies

MBA IQ®:  Enable Your Employees to Master the MBA Lexicon™

The MBA IQ offers companies a cost effective learning and development tool that empowers individuals to build their own career development plan.  It does this by allowing individuals to assess their knowledge across 12 functional areas, identify gaps, and chart their course.  

Furthermore, the MBA IQ offers managers a cost effective means to differentiate talent, further identify high potential talent and screen individuals for educational reimbursement programs. 

The MBA IQ Assessment is critical to your business because retaining and developing talent is a competitive advantage.  Learning and Development (L&D) is a large corporate investment.

Examples of business applications for the MBA IQ Assessment include:

  • New / current employees take MBA IQ to baseline their knowledge.  Managers can baseline individuals and teams.
  • Personal development plans are built; courses can be mapped to corporate university offerings.
  • Employees have real development plans and managers have a means to chart progress.  The MBA IQ can be taken multiple times. 
  • Management can use MBA IQ to screen employees for special leadership, high potential programs, and/or tuition reimbursement.

Maximizing that investment and ensuring individuals obtain value from the efforts requires a concentration on both “hard” and “soft” skills.  Many learning and development programs today focus on the leadership aspects of business, but neglect some of the fundamental business acumen individuals require to advance.

We know you are constantly looking for ways to become better and more efficient at delivering learning.   Let the MBA IQ help you develop your talent pool. 

A typical corporate program includes L&D consulting and mapping of outcomes to corporate university.  We have special rates available for team and corporate programs – email for more information.

What you can expect: 
  • 12 Learning Modules Covering All Areas of Business
  • 134 Reading Assignments and over 1,000 E-Flashcards
  • MBA IQ Daily Lessons
  • MBA IQ Workbook
  • Online Self-Assessments and Quizzes
  • MBA IQ Knowledge Transcript
  • Approximately 8 to 12 Hours of Online Effort

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The MBA IQ addresses 12 foundational areas of business:

General Management, Leadership, & Strategy


Operations Management

Information Technology

Corporate Control, Law, Ethics, & Governance

Marketing Management

Quality and Process Management

International Business

Human Resources Management

Project Management

Decision Sciences & Managerial Economics